Sesto Calende Collection

In the northern Lombardy region of Italy, Sesto Calende rests along the Ticino River about an hour’s train ride from Milan. Quaint towns are scattered all along the river, which flows out of Lago Maggiore. A picturesque riverwalk follows the river for the length of the city, encouraging an active community. One of the most striking views of Sesto Calende is from this path looking upriver to see the beautiful reflections of the water, riverfront homes, the cafes along the street, the cityscape of the town’s white buildings and red roofs, and finally even further in the distance, the Swiss Alps.

This collection of paintings features different vistas around the town of Sesto Calende, from the prominent bell tower (Il Campanile di Sesto Calende), to the landmark Iron Bridge, to scenes of the town’s inhabitants enjoying life outdoors. I was captured by the simplicity and beauty of life in this town and wanted to create colorful, relaxing paintings that reflect my experience in Sesto Calende.