The Three Sisters

This portrait captures a sweet, candid moment among three sisters. When painting a portrait, I like to learn what the children are like, so that I can use reference photos that let those aspects of their personalities shine. I also want to catch them in a natural, unposed state so that I can focus on how they interact with each other rather than with the viewer. In this painting, you can see the nurturing nature of the oldest daughter as she gently lets the little one hand her the blades of grass she managed to pull. On the right, the middle girl is intrigued with her little sister’s accomplishment, waiting with her spunky little pony tail to see how she can get involved in the fun.

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Oil on Canvas
Kristen Hess

Meet Kristen Hess

Inspired by beautiful colors and light, Kristen’s artwork reflects the discoveries she makes in studying God’s creation. As a follower of Jesus, Kristen takes joy in internalizing and recreating the world around her. When Kristen is not painting, she may be cooking, enjoying life with her husband, playing any kind of games or sports, and daydreaming about traveling the world.