A Bride Awaits

Soft natural light kisses this bride’s skin and gown as she awaits the start of her wedding ceremony. The light shines brightly on the edges of her silhouette as we look on from behind, seeing the reflected shadows in her dress and skin tones.

Hues of red are repeated in the heavy velvet curtain, flowers in the bride’s bouquet, shadows of her skin tones, and in her lipstick. There is a touch of light blue-green reflected light in the right edge of her dress, on the back of her arm, and in the sheer material of the back of her lacy gown.

The bride has a beautiful elegance and a calm confidence that makes her look stunning on her special day.

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Oil on Canvas


16 x 20




Kristen Hess

Meet Kristen Hess

Little Rock native Kristen Hess has been taken captive by the rich colors and thick textures of oil paints since 2005. Her work combines the effect of light on her subjects with expressive brushstrokes, creating movement and depth in her pieces. Her representational style along with an extensive background in drawing come together with the atmospheric colors of the impressionists to create paintings that capture the emotion of the place or subject.