From the Garden

My mother-in-law brought us these beautiful yellow roses from her garden, and I could not let them go to waste! One morning while drinking my coffee, I watched how the light traversed through the window to hit the vase, flowers and ceramic mug and creamer jar. The glass brings softness and pastels to the painting, while the light hitting the flowers creates stark contrast in light and shadows.

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Oil on Canvas


11 x 14


Kristen Hess

Meet Kristen Hess

Inspired by beautiful colors and light, Kristen’s artwork reflects the discoveries she makes in studying God’s creation. As a follower of Jesus, Kristen takes joy in internalizing and recreating the world around her. When Kristen is not painting, she may be cooking, enjoying life with her husband, playing any kind of games or sports, and daydreaming about traveling the world.