CST Station in Blue

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, also known as Victoria Station, is the hub of Mumbai’s central railway. Local and cross-country trains leave from this station, but do not travel through it, as it is the end of the railway. CST was designed and built with Gothic influences in 1887 in honor of Queen Victoria. I chose to paint the iconic station in hues of blue because it contrasts so much with the heat and dust and browns one normally sees around Mumbai. Working in unusual colors also shows that if the values are correct (the level of lightness and darkness), then color is arbitrary.

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Oil on Canvas


22 x 28


Kristen Hess

Meet Kristen Hess

Inspired by beautiful colors and light, Kristen’s artwork reflects the discoveries she makes in studying God’s creation. As a follower of Jesus, Kristen takes joy in internalizing and recreating the world around her. When Kristen is not painting, she may be cooking, enjoying life with her husband, playing any kind of games or sports, and daydreaming about traveling the world.